Skin Care Basic Routines

The very first step in having a healthy and magical skin is to know what type of skin you have and then follow the do’s and don’ts accordingly. 성형

Skin types are classified into

1. Normal (No oil, clear, smooth & vibrant with good complexion)
2. Dry (dull, feels tight, fine pores, wrinkles)
3. Oily (Shiny, blackheads, pores & blemishes, mild tightness)
4. Combination (traces of oils in nose and forehead area, both dry and oily patches)
5. And finally the sensitive one (Very dry, 9pmstore feels tight, inflames and irritates easily)

Now that you know your skin; you need to find the best cleanser for your type. Use a creamy cleanser for dry skin and a clear one for the oily skin. Also be sure not to use mineral rich hard water for cleansing which can be harsh on skin. Before applying a cleanser, use warm water to remove the dirt and to loosen clogged pores. Also when you wake up in the morning, a nice rinse in warm water will make you feel great removing excess oil. For combination and sensitive type; 출장마사지 it’s better to take advice from a dermatologist.

Another major skincare routine is exfoliating by using natural peels. They remove the dead cells which will give you a dull complexion. Moisturizers and eye creams are also Cleaning Hacks essential for a healthy skin. Moisturizers can even help if you have an oily skin. They seal moisture into your skin causing the “Saran wrap effect “which will improve your condition. But be sure not to over moisturize your skin.

The Eye cream will nourish the skin surrounding the eyes making it free from wrinkles. Effective use of sun screens will also avoid skin damage from the suns UV radiation. So, ilovemakingmoney here we go again. For a good healthy and magical skin; the essentials are skin types, cleanser, exfoliating, moisturizers, eye cream, sun cream and finally the makeup remover.

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