Controlling Chronic Inflammation With Natural Inflammation Treatments

Using natural inflammation treatments to control inflammation in the body is the best and safest way to improve health and fight the ravages of old age. There are two types of inflammation, inflammation treatment acute, which is the body’s response to injury or trauma and chronic, which is in simple terms, an immune response to environmental and dietary threats. The latter can be dangerous to your health and can creep up over the months and years. This latter type potentially leads to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, timelessbeautytx digestive problems and osteoporosis.

Chronic inflammation is mainly caused by free radical damage. This is brought on by a poor diet, smoking, pollution, exposure to toxins and stress to name a few causes. simplyyouaesthetics

Natural inflammation treatments can be as simple as improving your diet. Eliminate processed foods which contains white flour, sugar and trans-fats. Omega 6 oils, always touted as healthy, are in fact over used in the diet. Cut down on vegetable oils such as sunflower and safflower and substitute these with a mono-unsaturated oil such as olive. Coconut oil is a saturated fat and, travelstranscribed unlike animal fats, is also safe and great for cooking. Margarine is made from Omega 6 oils and can contain trans-fats, so is best avoided altogether.

Increase you intake of fish or take an Omega 3 supplement. Most western populations are deficient in Omega 3, up to 90%, but have too much Omega 6. and this powerful natural fatty acid has many health benefits as well as lowering inflammation. Look for omega 3 fatty acids that contain DHA and EPA, businessenglish2go at least 270 gm of each although most brands of Omega 3 contains these. They have a powerful anti inflammatory effect without any side effects at all.

Also make sure the Omega 3 you choose does not contain high levels of mercury. These oils are sourced from fish, so always check the label for purity. To prevent fish oils from turning rancid in the body, take a vitamin E capsule with the Omega 3.

Make sure you are getting enough anti-oxidants. These are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. Generally speaking the brighter the color, the higher the anti-oxidant content. Think carrots, cooldealshub spinach, broccoli, dark grapes etc. While these natural foods do provide us with important nutrients, they are sometimes grown in depleted, over cultivated soil, so do not provide the level of nutrition they once did years ago. The answer is to boost your anti-oxidant levels with a good natural supplement.

These natural inflammation treatments would not be complete without some reference to a healthy lifestyle. Enough exercise, sufficient sleep and the ability to effectively manage stress will go a long way to prevent chronic inflammation in the body. Using the above advice will ensure your good health for now and into the future. More sites visit here:-


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